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The most beautiful place on earth?

We will find out if the tai national park is truly an eden.

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I had to take a boat from the main city Yamoussoukro all the way to Taï the country's biggest national park. It was quite a journey going on a speedboat all the way there, it made me feel alive. When I arrived after a 10 minute boat ride, I could smell something not very pleasant, some sort of animal excrement. I asked the guide what it was and surely enough it was elephant dung. He gave me a tour around the park and showed me some of the prettiest waterfalls and most exquisite animals I have ever seen, such as the pygmy hippo which is currently going extinct which is really sad. And I also saw some of the 11 different types of monkey's living there. It made thinks of how many hidden wonders the world still has, such as this one. The experience made me really think of how beautiful the world is and that it is unfortunate that many people don't get to visit these magical places. We traveled past many of the great lakes, we even got to swim in them which was really nice. The water was a bright blue color showing the pureness of it. We continued through the trek passing by vast savannah's filled with all kinds of African wildlife such as elephants lion's and giraffes.
The guide even let us come really close to the antelopes. The only issue with the time in the park is that it's really hot and humid, if you are not prepared to experience extreme heat and sunburns I wouldn't recommend going on this adventure. After the savannah we came across many big hills filled with endangered types of fauna and flora. I stopped and asked the guide if we could pick some of the flowers to smell. He told me we couldn't because this was a nature reserve and that they didn't want people to be tampering with nature, but even without sniffing them from close up you could really smell the lovely scent of typical garden flowers. We walked down a long road which lead us all the way back to the beginning of the trek.
I took some picture while I was one it and wanted to share them with you guys.
That was was going to the park by boat.


That was no a photo I took but rather a visual guide to know where it is.


That is a picture of one of the waterfalls.
NZ Waterfalls-L

NZ Waterfalls-L

In short the trek was around 3 hours long up hills and down streams. We also caught some river fish and ate that for lunch which a truly gratifying experience.

This park is one of the last major remnants of the primary tropical forest of West Africa. It was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1982 due to the breadth of its flora and fauna. The Tai Forest reserve was created in 1926 and promoted to National Park status in 1972. It was recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and added to the list of Natural World Heritage Sites in 1982.

I thought that this park was a very fun experience for adventurers like me or anyone who just wants to have a nice time enjoying the park. This park could also be a good time for some kids, very beautiful animals and just a generally good time if you are with friends or family.

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Mt Nimba the golden mountain

It was a very interesting journey. I didn't visit the coast by foot but rather by helicopter. I had to choose this method of viewing the place because the locals told me it was a hassle to go by car, but they probably said that so we tourists would spend more in the country. It's understandable. And I don't think I would have been in the condition for a long trek. I had to go to a special little place in order to take the helicopter to Mt Nimba. The helicopter ride was around 30 minutes which was not too bad. I got to see a beautiful view of the many changing landscapes the country has. I passed by the basilica but I never spotted the national park anywhere. After a while in the helicopter, the pilot told us to start looking out for a small peak in the horizon. In the corner of my eye I saw a golden tip just peaking off the horizon. The pilot told us that it was the mountain. It was a spectacle to look at - such a beautiful mountain hiding from the outside world. We circled around the wonder about three times then the pilot took us down. As soon as we got off the helicopter a shadow was cast of us, and was probably a mile long. We saw the the immenseness of the mountain. The guide walked us all the way around the mountain showing us the different plants and types of medicinal and health beneficial herbs. He told us a crazy amount of great and interesting facts about the mysterious mountain. We sat down on a flat patch of land and had a picnic on the mountain, this was very unexpected but was a really great addition to the adventure. The guide gave us classic African food to eat, and it was truly interesting, with some of it quite tasty. I didn't quite like all of the food he prepared, but it was an interesting experience.
During our flight back, the guide gave us some local history and more facts as we flew along the beautiful coast.

Here is a picture I took:


This mountain is on the border between three countries, Guinea, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire. It's sides are covert in dense forest filled with all kinds of different wildlife. At the foot of the mountain there are tons of green mountain fields and pastures. The mountain covers 17,540 ha of land in Cote d'Ivoire and 12,540 ha in Guinea. The property is divided between the two states. It was made through an agreement made in 1950

I really loved my visit to this wonderful place. It really showed me what mother nature can truly do with it's powers, I think that it might have even been one of my favorite adventures so far.

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Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, a place of worship?

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Is the 2 hour drive to the cathedral actually worth it? The answer is yes! If you keep reading you will find out more...
First of all if you want to get to the cathedral you have to take taxi or car almost 2 hours out of the city of Yamoussoukro to get there.

The first time I entered the basilica I felt a sense of fear, how big it was compared to me - a tiny little human. As I entered the main hall there was a smell of pine wood and sweet rose candles that greeted me inside. I looked up at the ceiling and it almost blinded me with the shimmering colors of gold and silver. The chandelier was a beautiful spectrum of colors dancing around as if it were new years. It was so high up and so immense that a car could have probably sat upon it's majestic throne. The walls were so nicely decorated with sculptures and art that even Da Vinci may have been jealous. The stained glass on the sides of the main hall were magnificent, stained with more dark than light colors. It made me think of the number of hours spent on making the cathedral a masterpiece. It was mind-bugling. But, I can't forget about the marble pillars that held up the dome above our heads. I tried resting one of my hands upon one of the pillars then suddenly had to pull back from it, it was shockingly cold, I thought that that was very strange considering that we were in such a hot climate. I went through the 3 rooms of the basilica, the courtyard, then ended back to the main entrance. I can now understand why this place is so famous. Here is a picture from the outside of the building:


Basilica of Our Lady of Peace is a basilica and has been one of the capital's most beautiful buildings since 1990. The dome and encircled plaza is a recreation of a basilica in the vatican city called St. Peters Cathedral; there is also a cathedral with the same name in Russia, so clearly a catholic structure. Hundreds of people gather at the site on christian holidays to attend mass and pray. It is a very interesting building with a mixture of European and african architecture. This building was one of the most expensive churches to build in the region, at a cost of 100 million dollars. The building was originally built to house tens and thousands of people but currently hosts less than 1000 visitors a year.

This was one of the most beautiful and worthwhile cathedrals I have ever been to. This will certainly be one of the most memorable times of my life. The whole thing was extremely gorgeous and a really fun time.

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